A Final Weekly Word from Chuck Cary for January 2017

A Final Weekly Word from Chuck Cary

This is my last weekly email. I have included various farewells in other means of communication, and will simply say thanks for the opportunity to serve the church of Jesus Christ along with you the readers. It has been two good runs as pastor here, 1985-1999 and 2010-2017. I am grateful for your support throughout, and have delighted in our ministry. I hope that some form of weekly communication from WPC will continue, both to convey what’s happening and remind you of the opportunities for weekly worship and service. Also, this word does not always require the pastor’s pen. It can and should be the creation of others along the way. Team efforts, particularly during transitions are integral to the health of any congregation.

Worship this Sunday happens on the day of the Baptism of the Lord. Hence, there will be two Baptisms to celebrate, one for Dante Thomas Aiello, infant son of David and Jessica Aiello of our congregation. Dante was born this past September at Southampton Hospital. Dana Alexandra Schultz Dietche presents herself for adult Baptism. Dana and her husband David Dietche were married by yours truly last summer. She is uniting in active membership with Redeemer Presbyterian Church in the city and will become an affiliate member here at WPC. We rejoice in the Lord’s welcome of both!

From an historical perspective, my first Baptism was in 1975 at the Fox Valley Presbyterian Church, Geneva, Illinois for the daughter of Stefanie and Jim Kreunen. Last I heard, the Kreunen family had moved to Missouri. I have lost touch. However, from what I recall of their commitment, I have no doubt that they are still serving “with energy, imagination, intelligence, and love”.

Some might call this Sunday worship my last as I conclude nearly 42 years of ministry. I prefer to call it a new beginning, not only for me, but for this congregation. The Christian ministry is a lifestyle, a calling, and as such is rooted in our Baptisms. It is neither regulated by the calendar nor validated by age or ability. It is a matter of the heart. The Sunday sermon is entitled, “The Privilege of Being Your Pastor”. The morning text is the Baptism story from Matthew’s Gospel (Matthew 3:15-17).

Stewardship Reminders: As it is the new year, make sure you have retrieved your offering envelopes from the table in the back of the sanctuary. Also, complete your 2016 pledge if there is a balance left there. Post paid gifts are welcome.  Per Capita envelopes are in your set and in the pew rack. The per capita amount for 2017 is 34.45 per active member. WPC is required to pay per capita whether or not we collect it from one another. So, stretch a little and remit your obligation. Doing so lessens the strain on the operating budget.

Youth and Christian Education: Parents, make sure your son and daughter have every opportunity to take part in regular church school classes. If it is a question about curriculum or the like, see Superintendent Ellen Campbell or C.E. chairperson Cindy Schneider. If your question relates to youth activities, see or call Kathy Tureski.

Prayer for the Day: Holy God, you make all things new. Bless the people of WPC as we prepare for a new pastor and change for the better, all in our commitment to being the best possible church. For Christ’s sake and our own, we pray. Amen.  May you continue to see one another in church!