A Letter from the Personnel Committee of the Session to the Congregation January 12, 2017

Letter to the congregation from the Personnel Committee of the Session

January 2017


The purpose of this letter is to attempt to answer many of the questions raised by the retirement of our pastor. We want to assure you that the Personnel Committee is doing what it can to fill our pulpit with an interim pastor as soon as possible. In the meantime, the pulpit will be filled with pastors who are familiar to us.

The process has already been started. We were limited by what is allowable while Chuck was still serving us. The Personnel Committee has been appointed by the Session to be the Interim Search Committee. The Personnel Committee will be reviewing personal information forms (resumes) sent to us from individual ministers as well as some from the General Presbyter, Mark Tammen. We will screen potential candidates. We will then request an interview with each potential candidate. Some will be in person although some may happen by Skype. We will check references. The Presbytery will check the candidates governing body references.

Once a candidate is chosen, we will seek approval for the candidate and the contract from our Session and then from the Presbytery through the Committee on Ministry. When approved, we will enter an agreement/contract with an interim pastor for a period of one year, renewable with the approval of the Presbytery. There is no formal call or installation for an interim.

All of this process is done with the guidance of the Presbytery’s Committee on Ministry.  The Committee on Ministry may appoint a moderator for our session meetings and for our congregational meeting on February 5. The Music and Worship Committee of our Session will continue to arrange pulpit supply as needed. We have arranged for Nancy Jennings and John Kloepfer to fill our pulpit for the remaining Sundays in January.

The boards and committee will continue to meet. And the life of Westhampton Presbyterian Church will continue on. If you have questions, reach out to the elders. If they don’t have answers, they will find someone who does.

Let us endeavor to follow Chuck’s appeal to be “the best possible church” and carry each other during this transition time. See you in church.