A Post from the Pastor for the week of July 4, 2017

An Irregular Post from John Kloepfer for the week of July Fourth – 7/3/17

Greetings from your Church Pastor’s Office,

I have not been able to post these emails every week, keeping you all informed of happenings here at 90 Meetinghouse Road, but as many of you know, my time with you thus far has been very busy.  In addition to pastoral responsibilities, I’ve often had to accompany Linda into New York City for her chemotherapy almost every Thursday and Friday.  This has meant that when I’m here I’ve often been pressed for time.  Fortunately, her chemotherapy will be over at the beginning of September.

However, I do want you all to know that your Interim Pastor is still here, and that things have been going well thus far.  Tomorrow is the Fourth of July, and so the Church Office will be closed all day.  I hope that each of you has something both exciting and enjoyable planned for this great summer holiday, either with you family or with friends.  I will then hope to see each of you on Sunday mornings, either at the Chapel or in the Sanctuary.

I also want to tell you how excited I am that WPC will be starting a new ministry this Thursday, July 6. Immaculate Conception Roman Catholic Church has a large Spanish speaking ministry.  However, there has not been any Protestant Ministry available for our Spanish speaking brothers and sisters.  Until now, that is.

Pastor Raynor Caal (pronounced call) and his wife, Leticia, have been offering a Spanish speaking Protestant ministry in the United Methodist Church in East Quogue for the past ten years.  It has grown over the years, and now has between 30 and 40 coming each week.  They approached WPC about their also starting a Spanish speaking ministry here in Westhampton, and wanted to meet in our building.  After meeting with the Caals and discussing their proposal, both your Session and your Trustees have approved this new venture.

Since they do not yet have any members, they will begin by meeting on Thursday evenings at 7:30 p.m. for a Bible Study and for prayers.  Their hope is that over time God will bless their ministry and they will find people here in Westhampton looking for a Spanish speaking Protestant ministry.  Please pray for them and for their new ministry.  If you are fluent in Spanish, you may want to join them from time to time.

Since this coming Thursday, July 6, will be their “grand opening,” they will be inviting their East Quogue congregation to join them and they will offer a worship service in the sanctuary.  After that, they will be meeting on Thursday evenings in a classroom until their numbers grow large enough to support a weekly worship service.

This coming Sunday, July 9, Linda begins her “week off” from chemotherapy, so we are planning to go up to our cabin in New Hampshire for a few days.  It may be the only time we get up there this summer, due to her schedule.  But we will be leaving on Saturday, July 8, so you will be blessed with having the Rev. Jeanne Baum as your guest preacher this weekend.  Since I have not taken a Sunday off since becoming your Interim Pastor in February, you need a break from my preaching, and I’ve had the privilege to hear Jeanne preach before, so I know you are in for a real treat.  I believe she may be the best preacher on Long Island.

On another front, your Nominating Committee will meet this Wednesday evening to put together a potential slate of people to serve as your Plumb Line Committee.  The first formal step in the interim process involves doing what used to be called a Mission Study.  It’s now called a Plumb Line Study, but amounts to the same thing – taking a fresh look at your church and surrounding community and helping the Pastor Search Committee know what your church needs in its next Installed Pastor.  Rev. Karen Hybertsen, the Temporary Supply Pastor in Islip, will be your resource person from the Presbytery helping with your Plumb Line Study.

Oh God, be with each member of WPC this week, and bind us together in your love.  Give us a special awareness of your presence throughout the coming weeks of Lent, and help us to express, through all of our thoughts and actions, the love of Christ that is within us.  We are well off in God, the Almighty, in God’s holiness, always.  Amen.