Post for the week of September 11, 2017- 2 Memorial Services

A Pastoral Post from John Kloepfer

It is with a heavy heart that I’m writing to inform you that our church family has lost not only one but two of its long-time beloved members.

Yesterday morning Linni Deihl, who has been in the Kanas Center for Hospice Care for a while now, passed away in her sleep.  Sunday morning she had taken a turn for the worse and was being given morphine for pain, so her passing, while still a surprise, was not completely unexpected.

And then last evening, after a seemingly routine trip to Stony Brook, and after dinner, Stu Wood went for a walk.  When he returned, Marilyn had stopped breathing.  While she had been receiving chemotherapy treatments for her rather aggressive form of leukemia, no one was prepared for her to move from this world to the next so suddenly or so soon.  Indeed, there was every hope that she would at some point go into remission.  It was a long shot, but was not to be.  Last night Stu was telling people that Marilyn, by transitioning so quickly, had “escaped” another five years of potential treatments that would almost certainly never have given her good health again.

We never know all the reasons for illness or for the specifics of a death.  But we do know two things:  We know that we grieve with the families of Linni and Marilyn, for we feel their loss in our own hearts.  And, we know that in spite of the pain and loss, we can celebrate their victories, for as one choir member has already put it, there are now more angelic voices in the heavenly choir.

Marilyn’s memorial service will take place in the Sanctuary this coming Saturday, September 16, at 2:00 p.m.  It will be followed by a brief committal/interment service in the Memorial Garden and a reception in the Fellowship Hall.

Linni’s memorial service will take place on Sunday, September 24, the details to be forthcoming.

Please keep Jessie Deihl as well as Stu, Randy, Laura and their families and loved ones in prayer.

On another note, we want to thank those who have just this week volunteered to teach in our Sunday School program, making it possible for all of our children to have classes each Sunday.  Come and meet them in worship this Sunday.

Also, John Campbell suffered a heart attack on Sunday, and had surgery.  Fortunately, he was told his heart was not permanently damaged, and he is feeling well and hoping to be released soon.  Please hold him, Ellen and their family in prayer as well.

After a long process of diagnosis, surgery and recovery at the Southampton Care Center, Kimberly Rogers has finally returned home.  And Chelsea Collins has been released from the hospital in Southampton and is back in the Care Center there.

And lastly, Pat Shima just yesterday moved into her new home at the Westchester Center for Independent & Assisted Living in Yonkers.  We wish her well in her new home.


I look forward to seeing each of you this coming Sunday in worship.


We are well off in God, the Almighty, in God’s holiness, always,