Weekly Word for Christmas 2016

A Weekly Word from Chuck Cary for Christmas 2016

The birth of Jesus Christ happened not by following a well-scripted plot, nor within a sterile environment. He was not born in a setting akin to a contemporary hospital. He arrived instead in a modest, humble setting, in a world not ready for His advent or the implications of His revolutionary life. Such an entrance might give us doubt about the wisdom of God: Such risks for a vulnerable newborn! Instead the very circumstances of Jesus’ origin make Him all the more human, as He is divine. Jesus is, as one Theologian rightfully declared, “God’s way of making Himself accessible to us”. The baby’s cry is our signal to sing “Joy to the World”.

There will be plenty of singing at all three services this weekend at WPC.  On Christmas Eve, we will gather for a family friendly celebration at 5:00 in the main sanctuary at 90 Meeting House Road. The choirs will accompany us as we journey to Bethlehem to add our own “Welcome” to the Lord. At 9:00 at the Quogue Chapel (corner of Beach Lane and Quogue Streets in Quogue) we will host an identical service of lessons and carols, with candle-lighting. Sunday morning is Christmas Day, and yes, we will gather at the regular time of 10:00 to rejoice. We will suspend some of our formalities on Sunday to welcome suggestions as to favorite Christmas Carols. A festive Coffee Hour will follow.

A special word of “Thanks” go to all who have had a hand in making this Holy Season so special here at WPC. Linda Howard- Kloepfer and the choirs helped our spirits soar at each worship service. Ellen Campbell and the actors/actresses in the Church School Christmas Pageant on the 11th were sublime. The participants in the Advent Festival on the 4th made the joy of the season contagious (thanks Mrs. Schneider) and having 4 confirmands join the church in December was one of God’s best gifts. Thanks go to Julia, Madison, Griffin, and Mario.

End of year responsibilities are not to be forgotten. Please pick up your 2017 Offering Envelopes. They are located on the table in the rear of the sanctuary. Take an undesignated box and sign the sheet with your name and box number if there is not one for you. Questions? Contact Erika in the church office admin@westhamptonpresbyterian.org  Complete your pledge for 2016 and consider a second mile gift to any of our special offerings this December.

A single word of appreciation goes to all who had a hand in the “Blue Christmas” service on the 18th. There was much love in the chapel amongst those who have lost loved ones. I commend Ralph and Holly Hubbard for their leadership and the Board of Deacons for a delicious reception which followed in the parish hall.

Praying the contemplative prayers of Advent/Christmas can help tilt the world closer to the ideal God has in mind. Don’t sacrifice your prayer life or devotions at the altar of “busy”. Go for a walk on the beach. Ponder the mysteries of the incarnation. Open your heart to the love of God who is for us, never against us.

Prayer for the Day: God of wonder and might, reconnect us to the power and majesty of Christmas. As the words of “Silent Night” rise on our lips and in our hearts, help us to celebrate Christ’s birth in every way. Bring peace to this earth and to each of us in particular. Amen.     Merry Christmas to All!