Weekly Word for the First Sunday of 2017- January 1, 2017

Weekly Word from Chuck Cary for the First Sunday of 2017

New Year’s Day for 2017 arrives on Sunday. There is something appropriate as we gather for worship, committing ourselves and our time to the service of the Triune God. If you happen to be out celebrating the end of one year and the beginning of another on Saturday, first do so safely. Second, give yourself time to rest up for worship the next morning. While so much of the world sleeps, the people of God gather. Nothing is more important than keeping Sabbath and honoring God’s call to “glorify God and enjoy God forever”.

The service this week includes the Lord’s Supper and is rooted in a text from the Book of Revelation, chapter 21. The meditation is entitled, “All Things New”. We will sing hymns such as “We Three Kings”, an epiphany hymn, and conclude with “Lord of the Dance”. In between is a simple communion song, inviting one and all to come to the Table of Grace.  A coffee hour, time for fellowship follows worship and provides a setting for Sacred conversations. Make a new friend as well as reconnect with current ones.

The church grieves with those who grieve and rejoices with those who rejoice. We share sorrow this weekend with the families of Bud Kavan whose memorial service is at 10:30 Friday, and Linda Hubbard Berry whose funeral is Friday afternoon at 3:00. Special thanks go to the Board of Deacons for the reception following Bud’s service. The reception following the service for Linda will be held at the East Quogue Fire House at 4:30pm. Linda was the daughter of Eugene Hubbard.

The preachers for the remainder of January are the Rev. Nancy Steeger Jennings for January 15 and 22, and the Rev. Dr. John Kloepfer for January 29. In the event of an emergency during office hours, please call Erika at the church office, 288-2576 (9:00 until 4:00) and Elder Richard Schneider,  909-1594          after office hours and on weekends. As soon as an interim pastor is named, he/she will receive all emergency calls.

Copies of the January “Tidings” have been distributed electronically and by snail mail to those who have requested it that way. Extra copies are located in the back of the sanctuary and the Parish Hall. Take note of the updated officer list for 2017 and be sure to convey any corrections to Erika in the office.

Annual reports are due now in advance of the annual meeting scheduled for February 5, 2017 in the sanctuary. Again, send yours to Erika in the church office as a Word document (no PDFs).

Stewardship commitments for both ‘16 and ’17 are needed to close one year in balance and begin the next in the same way. Thanks go to all for your faithful support. One of the strong attractions for the next pastor candidate is a healthy financial life. Remain consistent in your financial support. Doing so blesses the church and honors Jesus Christ.

Prayer for the Day: As one year closes and another opens, help us to keep faith in you, O God. Hear our thanks for the many ways you have blessed us in 2016. You have strengthened us when we were weak and given us hope in our moments of doubt. Stay with us and enable us to stay with you as we journey into 2017. Bring peace and Justice to the world in Christ’s name and for His sake. Amen. SYIC!