A Post from the Pastor

Weekly Word November 1-8

Thanksgiving, stewardship, and chilly temperatures mark the beginning of November here at the church. So does the end of daylight savings time. Remember to set your clocks back one hour before bed this Saturday evening. Most cell phones and electronic devices make the change automatically, so enjoy an extra hour of rest this weekend!

Worship this Sunday will include the celebration of the Lord’s Supper. Children and youth will be included in the popular children’s church which follows the children’s message in the Christian Education wing. The meditation title Because We Care also serves as the theme for our stewardship campaign for 2014. The text is Habakkuk 1:1-4, and 2:1-4. A minute for mission will be offered by Christine Haddad, a life-long member of WPC. The choir sings an anthem by Vivaldi calling us to worship and sing…”All Earth Rejoice”.  The fall all-church cleanup happens following worship. Stick around and help ready the facility for winter. The trustees will have a list of compatible jobs to do, and will offer a light lunch to those who give of their time and talent.

An inquiry class for those who wish to know more about church membership happens immediately following the service in the Founder’s Room. Those who wish may unite in membership during worship on November 17.

New hymnals will be inaugurated and dedicated on November 24 and promise to invigorate our worship life with hymns new and old. There is still opportunity to give one in memory or honor of another. The cost is 20.00 and forms are available throughout the church facility.

The Fall Harvest Dinner will involve a new opportunity for fellowship this year. The Carys will host an open house at the manse for all attendees from 5:00 until 6:00pm. Make sure you sign up in the parish hall, bring a side dish to share (turkey, dressing, and desserts provided). Local baykeeper Kevin McCallister will talk about his work and a good time is promised for all. Last year’s harvest dinner was cancelled due to Hurricane Sandy. Let’s enjoy this venerable tradition at our church. Thursday, November 7th….Cider and cheese at the manse from 5:00 with the dinner to commence at 6:00 in the parish hall.

New Youth Coordinator Kathy Tureski is on board this month. Kathy is a member of WPC, is active in the community, and serves on the East Quogue Board of Education. Welcome!!

The mission committee is sponsoring a visit to the UN on Veterans Day- November 11th to explore the topic of the rights of women in the developing world and what the church can do. Sign up! Also, sign up for the CPR/First Aid Course here at the church on Tuesday the 19th from 5:00 until 9:00. No cost!

Prayer for the Day: Our God our help, we rejoice in the many blessings we enjoy here on Long Island: abundant harvests; faithful friends; diverse histories; excellent institutions; and diverse peoples. Rekindle our faith in you where it needs rekindling; Quicken our consciences that we will remember the poor and feed the hungry among us. As we look to the past with thanksgiving, give us a vision of hope for the future. Your son Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. Amen.   See you in church!

Weekly Word for October 4-11, 2013

October arrives with beautiful weather and a busy agenda for Christ’s church here at Westhampton. Tomorrow begins the Presbyterian Women’s Fall Rummage sale from 9:00 until 3:00 and then Saturday from 9:00 until 1:00 throughout the parish hall and first floor area. Willing workers are still needed to help, in particular with the cleanup early Saturday afternoon. Preparing the facility for a funeral service for Jonathan Post Rich at 3:00 is an important responsibility. More hands will insure that this preparation happens.

Sunday worship will be special this week. It is World Communion Sunday in which Christians throughout the globe are summoned to the Lord’s Table for communion. We are privileged to celebrate our connections to the world church. Building on a tradition of inviting international guests, we welcome the Rev Boutros Zaour to our pulpit and to the brunch which follows.  Boutros is pastor of the largest Protestant congregation in Damascus, Syria. He will be joined by his wife, Waffa and will also speak to the youth group Friday evening at the home of Jillian D’Abramo and to the adult class on Sunday morning at 8:45. Don’t miss this great opportunity to stand in solidarity with those who must live with the impact of Civil War in Syria. Remember, stay for the brunch to follow. Great soup and sandwiches and the best desserts on Long Island!

Children and youth first grade and above will remain for worship this week and take part in communion. A fully staffed nursery will be available and Church School for pre-K and Kindergarten will carry on as usual. Parents and guardians, use this communion service to teach your children about the practice of worship and what it means to partake. All the baptized are welcome at the Lord’s Table, especially those who are being nurtured in their understanding of the Sacrament!

The Peacemaking Offering will be received. A portion of the proceeds are used to bring international peacemakers like Boutros and his wife to churches like ours. 25% will remain to support our Veterans Day seminar at the United Nations. This year’s focus will be on the Rights of Women in the developing world and what the Church can do. Give generously and plan now to attend (Monday November 11th).

Chuck and Millie Cary will be out of the country October 11-26 on a mission tour of India with fellow Long Island Presbyterians (Baldwin, Smithtown and Northport churches represented). Prayers for a safe journey are welcome. The pulpit will be filled more than ably by faithful Presbyterians, including the Rev Holly Haile Davis, the Rev Nancy Steeger Jennings, and Elder Stuart Wood. Emergencies? Please phone the church office during office hours (288-2576) and a substitute pastor will be called. Otherwise, emergency coverage is being provided by the Rev Jeanne Wilson Baum, or the Rev Jack King of Beach United Methodist Church.

Prayer for the Day: God of all peoples, in this season of war and madness, hear us as we pray: for people who dwell in harm’s way, whose faces we may never see, though they bear your image, whose eyes like ours, are watching in the night and whose hearts, like our own, pray that joy will come in the morning-some morning, sometime soon. Through Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace. Amen.

See you in church!!

Weekly Word September 27-October 4, 2013

Worship this Sunday at 10:00 will include the Sacrament of Baptism for Robert Jackson Strecker, son of Robert Strecker and Jennifer Zolnowski, friends of our congregation and residents of Westhampton. The choir will sing the anthem “Seek Ye First”, and the sermon title is “Making a Wise Investment”, based on the text from Jeremiah 32:1-3,6-15. Hymns for the day will include “How Great Thou Art”. Coffee hour promises to be a time of good fellowship and fun, immediately followed by setup for the fall rummage sale. Please consider sticking around to help set up tables, distribute rummage, and aid the Presbyterian Women’s organization in this important fundraiser.

The Nominating Committee will hold a brief meeting in the Sunday School Wing following worship.

Speaking of Sunday School, the curriculum schedule calls for discussion of the Sacrament of communion this week. Talk with your child(ren) about what sharing the bread and wine means to you. Thanks in advance for making sure Christian Education is part of their growth and development. Don’t miss church and Sunday School!

World Communion Sunday (10/06) will welcome the Rev Boutros Zaour and his wife Waafaa to our church. Boutros is the pastor of the Evangelical Protestant Church of Damascus, Syria. They will be our guests at the brunch which follows in the parish hall. Our gratitude goes to the Mission Committee and Linni Deihl in particular for organizing this visit. Pray for World Communion Sunday and for the people of war-torn Syria.

Visit our reconstructed website at www.westhamptonpresbyterian.org. There you will find new information about the mission and ministry of our congregation. This weekly email will be posted for those not on our regular distribution list, as will the monthly newsletter, so please invite a friend to visit and read.

While the youth group experiences changes in leadership, the programs continue uninterrupted. Senior High Sunday school this week, will be convening at the church to ride together to the beach for their class. Andy Schultze will be leading it and driving the bus. Speak to Andy or better yet, get your name on the email list for youth activities.

Don’t forget the church’s scrap metal drive to coincide with the rummage sale, October 4-5. The drop-off on those days will be the northwest corner of the parking lot. Last year funds raised from the scrap metal resale helped us exceed our fundraising budget. The Presbyterian Women’s contribution to the Operating Budget exceeded 5,000. These extra efforts along with everyone’s generous support help us to be the best possible church!

Prayer for the Day– O God Almighty, Father of our Lord Jesus Christ: Grant us we pray, to be grounded and settled into your truth by the coming of your Holy Spirit into our hearts. That which we know not, reveal; that which is wanting in us, fill up; that which we know, confirm; and keep us blameless in your service; through the same Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen (Clement of Rome-circa 99).

Weekly Word September 22 – 29, 2013

Worship at Westhampton Presbyterian celebrates the beauty of fall among other blessings of this time of the year. This week we ordain and install our youth officers Victoria Campbell for session, Hannah Wagner for deacons, and Alex Williams for trustees. The choir sings a beautiful arrangement entitled “The King of Love”. Dave LeBleu will offer a Minute for Mission on the Offering of letters for Bread for the World, and the Sunday sermon, based on Luke 16:1-13, is entitled: “Choosing Faith: Not Because it is Easy”. Come and bring a friend.

An adult class gets underway this Sunday at 8:45 in the Founder’s Room. The topic will be selected by the group and all are welcome for the discussion which is always mutually inspiring and edifying.

International Peacemaker and Pastor the Rev. Butros Zaour and his wife, Waffa, from the Evangelical Church of Damascus, Syria are coming to join us for World Communion this year on October 6. Bring a friend to hear their perspective on the civil war in this nation and how it has impacted his congregation, etc. There will be a brunch which follows worship as well as opportunities for the community and our youth group to host them for conversations. The mission committee, through the efforts of Linni Deihl oversees this endeavor.

The youth group continues to meet under the leadership of Jillian D’Abramo and is scheduled to go to the Quogue Wildlife Refuge at 11:30 Sunday. Jill and Kyle Miller are stepping down from the Youth Coordinator positions, but will remain as friends of our program. A new youth coordinator is set to begin and will be announced following session action. Meanwhile, any questions about youth activities can be addressed to Kathy Tureski of session and John Campbell of the Sunday Church school class for senior high youth and Kathleen Frevert for the Middle School Class.

The Fall Rummage Sale (October 4-5) and the Fall Scrap Metal Drive (October 5) are getting ready. Clean, usable rummage is welcome. Your donations of scrap metal help the church and benefit the environment at the same time. Helpers too are needed to set up, price and be present the day of the sale.

The Bizarre Craft group is underway for the year. Questions (including the genesis of their name-Ha!) can be directed to Cheryl Van Tuyle. It meets after worship on the second floor. Their creations will be on sale at the Christmas Bazaar and Tea, benefitting WPC and our mission.

Our new website is up and running! Visit it at www.westhamptonpresbyterian.org and send photos of church programs to Nancy in the church office for posting. Thanks are in order to Taf Lundborg for his leadership in reconstructing the site.

Prayer for the Day: God of Grace, and God of Glory, on your people, pour your power! You bless us with bright sun and clear days, brilliant blue waters and abundant harvests. Inspire our gratitude in all things, and lead us to serve you by standing tall against evil, and bending low in order to serve. Save your people from the scourge of violence and save us also for freedom and justice for all. Quicken our feet, strengthen our hands, and comfort the afflicted in the name of Jesus Christ we pray, Amen.


Weekly Word September 15 – 22, 2013

This Sunday marks the formal beginning of Church School for all children and youth. Young people in the second and third grade class will receive Bibles, teachers will be recognized, and the church school photo for 2013-14 will be taken. Parents, please assist your children in the location of classes and how to navigate the morning schedule. Traci Duke, elder in charge of Christian Education and Church School superintendent Ellen Campbell will answer any questions. Let’s join together to make this a year of growth for our children and youth! Good attendance is a place to begin!

The morning sermon this week is entitled “Lost and Found” and is rooted in Luke 15:1-10. The choir is back in session and will be offering another stirring anthem as part of our worship. Dick Anderson will offer a brief Minute for Mission on the Treks and Tours program. Find your place in worship as we greet the fall season and celebrate the 271st year of Westhampton Presbyterian.

Church member Creighton Berry enters his tenth decade on Sunday. We will recognize him during worship and celebrate his birthday during the coffee hour which follows. Creighton’s artistic achievements are many, and we honor his lifetime of dedication to the common good. Hats off to a man of many gifts!

A multitude of announcements about other programs and events are in the bulletin insert. There are too many to include in the body of this communication, so be sure to take a hard copy with you, and consult the reconstructed web site which should be up and running soon….www.westhamptonpresbyterian.org

Congratulations to Tommy Otis and Kim Richter, and Leif Neubauer and Jennifer Radigan who were married in separate ceremonies on Friday of this week. September seems to be the new “June” as far as weddings are concerned.

The Sunday adult class will resume next week, the 22nd, at 8:45 in the Founders’ Room. All are welcome.

Prayer for Christian Education Week and Church School beginnings: Almighty God, your son Jesus Christ has a special heart for children and youth, saying that the Kingdom must be received as a child. Never let us assume that Faith is only for the mature, but instead celebrate it as a gift for all ages. We pray for those who teach and those students who gather. Enliven our community with representatives of every age, we pray in the strong name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

See you in church!!

Weekly Word July 31 – August 1, 2013

As I write Bernard Giere is in serious condition at Stony Brook University Hospital with respiratory complications. Prayers for God’s presence are in order as Sarajane and family are gathered at his bedside. The support of their church is vital at this time.

Other serious illness has visited members and friends of our congregation this summer. Joseph Taylor, 28 year old son of Sharon Taylor continues to await a heart transplant at Columbia Hospital in New York. Others on our weekly list are battling leukemia as well as other burdens. Prayers for God’s intercession are one way of blessing those in need. The Apostle Paul writes that when we bear one another’s burdens, we fulfill the law of Jesus Himself.

Dr Herbert Anderson and wife Mary Lou will be with us in worship this week, Herb to preach and both to reconnect with their many friends here. Herb is the Pastor emeritus of the Brick Presbyterian Church in the city and now in retirement is a volunteer pastor at the Moorings Presbyterian Church in Naples, Florida. Let’s all turn out for the services and bring a friend, 9:00 at the chapel and 10:15 at the sanctuary. We will also be celebrating the Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper. Allison Carey will deliver the Minute for Mission on the status of the new hymnals scheduled to arrive in September.

Hats off and a loud “Thank you” to Ellen Campbell and company for an outstanding job leading this year’s Vacation Bible School!

Corrected answer to last week’s question posed in worship. There are actually four sets of twins now associated with our church: newly baptized Jasey and Jessie Cole, Camryn and Cole Glotzer (Duke), Leland and Daniel Qua, and Brooks and Dwight Surgan. Triplets include Madeline, Michael, and Mac Gillooley.

A meeting of the congregation/ corporation of Westhampton Presbyterian Church has been called for this Sunday, August 4, 2013 at the conclusion of the worship service in the sanctuary (approximately 11:15) for the purpose of electing youth officers for the 2013-14 program year. All active members are eligible and encouraged to be present to vote.

Nancy Hamma is preparing new directories for members and friends of WPC. Please notify her of changes in address or other contact information; admin@westhamptonpresbyterian.org

Prayer for the Day: Eternal God, our help in ages past and hope for years to come: Be our guide and stay throughout the ups and the downs of existence. Protect those who are vulnerable, and console those who are afraid. Remind us again and again that in Christ nothing can separate us from your love as you reveal it in Christ Jesus. We praise your name as we call on you to bless our friends who are sick. Use us as instruments of your peace, and help us to be bold in announcing the Good News of Easter, that you have defeated the great enemy of life, death itself. In Christ we pray. Amen.

See you in church. Soli Deo Gloria!