A Post from the Pastor

Weekly Word for the Third Sunday of Advent, December 11, 2016

A Weekly Word from Chuck Cary for Advent III- 2016

As a child the season seemed to come slowly, ignoring the hopes of star struck young people that it would arrive earlier and faster. From the perspective of age, it seems to come too quickly, with less time and energy to accomplish all that needs doing. In reality the days are still the same twenty four hours, with only the sunlight diminishing in lieu of early nightfall. It is surely apt, that the light of Christmas arrives at a time of maximum darkness to declare that Christ, the “light of the world” is born. He is also the peace who takes away the rush of worries. May He be visible in your lives this year!

All hands on deck for the annual Children’s Christmas Pageant this Sunday the 11th!  Worship takes on a dramatic flair as we witness the story told from the vantage point of the children of the church. Come, bring a friend to our sanctuary with its chancel transformed into theater. Special thanks go to Ellen Campbell for directing and helping all of us witness the Greatest Story ever told here at 90 Meeting House Road.

Also on Sunday’s agenda is the Baptism of Ashley Jade Harvey, daughter of Erin Johnson Harvey and Christopher Harvey, and granddaughter of Bob and Kathleen Johnson of our congregation. Ashley was born on the 7th of July in Boston. As the children will say in unison” Welcome Ashley”, so will all of us  rejoice in the Lord’s welcome of this child.

Special appeals this month include support for Heifer International (Youth Group), Poinsettia Flowers to adorn the sanctuary and chapel in memory/ honor of loved ones, the Christmas/ Joy Offering, and the Long Island Brass Guild who will accompany the Choir in their concert next week the 18th. Please remember these blessings, and the support for the Guild especially as I am told their contributions have been coming in slowly.

Christian sympathy goes to Randi De Mayo and family upon the death of her mother Loretta Ruben. Services for William “Bud” Kavan will take place Friday, December 30 at 10:30 here at the church with a Deacons reception to follow. Arrangements for Mary Kreiling will be private. Let the church forever weep with those who weep and rejoice with those who rejoice.

The Fourth Sunday of Advent (12/18) will include the Choir Christmas Concert along with the LI Brass Guild. Later in the day we will sponsor the second annual “Blue Christmas” service at 4:00 pm at the Quogue Chapel.  “Blue Christmas” was conceived by the organization “Compassionate Friends” out of concern for those who have lost loved ones, and for whom the holidays are a sad time of year. By speaking the truth about our losses, the gathering draws support from the Faith and one another. We will follow with a brief reception here in the Parish Hall. This service, like all of our worship, is open to those who have no church home.

Prayer for the Day: Read Mary’s Magnificat slowly and reverently three times, emphasizing different aspects of her song in each reading. You will find it in Luke’s Gospel, 1:46-55. Follow it with the Lord’s Prayer and Saint Francis’ prayer for peace.

See you in worship!

Weekly Word for the Second Sunday of Advent, December 4, 2016

A Weekly Word from Chuck Cary for December 4, 2016

Let not the mood of Thanksgiving fade as we enter the season of Advent. There is something appropriate as the “amen” of our Thanksgiving prayers is punctuated in the season of preparation for Christ’s birth. Long nights and shorter days announce the need for light, literally and figuratively. May the light of Christ shine forth in our homes and communities and in our hearts as we get ready.

The church gets ready for the Presbyterian Women’s Christmas Bazaar and Tea this coming Saturday the 3rd, from 1:00 until 3:30. Wreath-making festivities in Bailey Hall combine with twice-nice tables and sales of delicious Christmas baked goods to make for a joyous day. Come, bring a friend and make new friends. Remember, the P.W. budget supports the church operating budget and other activities such as the cost of our coffee hours and specific mission efforts. Thanks go to Christine Haddad and company for their leadership.

The church is called to rejoice with those who rejoice and grieve with those who grieve. Over the Thanksgiving holiday we received word of the death of Mary Kreiling in Massachusetts, William “Bud” Kavan here in Westhampton Beach, and Oakley Debbs, son of Merrill Duemler Debbs, and grandson of Cathy Duemler of Quogue and Florida. Service arrangements are incomplete at the time of this writing but will be announced as they become known.

Sunday worship on the fourth will include the confirmation/commissioning of four young people who have been preparing for church membership. They are: Julia Ketner, Madison Mosher, Griffin Neubauer, and Mario Ortiz. Please be sure to add your welcome as they stand before us. The morning sermon will be built around their gifts, and we will be led in the Call to Worship by Mrs. Mazurkewicz’s and Mrs. Chattaway’s church school class as they also light the Second Advent candle.

Following Sunday worship, the Children’s advent festival happens in Bailey Hall. This annual event is designed to excite and bring joy to young people and their families. Watch for a communication from Cindy Schneider of the Christian Education Committee, or plan simply to come and enjoy making Christmas decorations with your son/daughter. A light lunch is part of the festivities.

Also underway are preparations for the Children’s Christmas Pageant on Sunday the 11th. Watch for rehearsal times and support this retelling of the Christmas story. Our season of preparation continues on Sunday the 18th with the Choir’s Christmas Concert accompanied by the Long Island Brass Guild. Gifts in support of the Guild’s expense as well as memorial or honorary poinsettias are now welcome. In addition, there are still families/ individuals to adopt in this year’s adopt a family program. Check with Deborah Busking or Nancy Vigorito during Sunday coffee hours.

Prayer for Advent: God of the Prophets, you sent your messenger into the wilderness of Jordan to prepare human hearts for the coming of your Son Jesus Christ. Help us to prepare for His coming, to discern the good news of the Gospel and repent, that we will be ready to welcome you, our Savior, Jesus Christ the Lord. Amen.

See You in Worship!

Fruits of the Harvest for end of November 2016

Fruits of the Harvest (II) 2016 @ Westhampton Presbyterian Church

The day of Thanksgiving draws near, with families gathering from near and far. May all travel safely and enjoy some sacred time around the family table, perhaps a leisurely walk on the beach, and a break from the agendas which ordinarily occupy our time. Remember to give thanks to our maker for the blessings which surround you.

The local community gathers for an interfaith service this Saturday (11/19) at 8:00 pm at the Hampton Synagogue on Sunset Avenue in WHB. The music promises to be as inspiring as it is varied. The offering will be dedicated to Maureen’s Haven homeless ministries.  Come, bring a friend and make a new friend.

Sunday worship at WPC will include various expressions of the season with the Fruits of the Harvest display and hymns which call forth our praise. The Scripture, Psalm 103 will be read by Madison Mosher of the confirmation class. During the second hymn we will dedicate our 2017 pledges. The sermon title is “Thanksgiving’s Inventory”. A Litany of Thanks will help conclude the service, a litany you might consider using for your Thanksgiving prayer at home. Deborah Busking of the Deacons will give a minute for mission on the Adopt a Family program. Don’t forget to bring non perishables for the 12 Thanksgiving baskets we assemble for hungry friends this holiday season. These baskets will be put together Monday morning. During worship the choir will sing an arrangement entitled “Thanksgiving”.  Make worship your first priority this holiday season.

Reception of new members includes Mrs. Sharon Conway of Hampton Bays who joins as an affiliate member, her primary membership remaining at her United Methodist congregation in Sea Cliff.

The Youth Group will be collecting non-perishables at Best Buy in Westhampton Beach this Saturday from 9:30 until 1:00. Stop by and offer your contribution as we do our part to ensure that no one goes hungry this year.

The confirmation class will begin preparing their statements of faith in anticipation of confirmation Sunday, December 4. Pray for Julia Ketner, Madison Mosher, Griffin Neubauer, and Mario Ortiz as they get ready to take this important step in their journey of Faith.

Because of the short week there will be no weekly email for Thanksgiving. Bear in mind that Sunday the 27th is the first Sunday of Advent. We will celebrate the Lord’s Supper and light the fist Advent Candle as part of Worship. The liturgical colors change to purple and our spirits shift in anticipation of the coming of the Lord.

Presbyterian Women’s Christmas Bazaar and Tea preparations are underway. Mark Saturday, December 3rd from 1:00 until 3:30 for the festivities here at the church. Volunteers are always welcome!

Prayer for the Day: O God, you have fed us from our earliest days; You give food to every living creature. Fill our hearts with joy and delight. Give us what we need and enough to spare for works of mercy in honor of Jesus Christ, our Lord. Through Him may glory, honor, and power be yours forever. Amen. SYIC!

Weekly Word – November 10, 2016

A Post Election Word from Chuck Cary- November 10, 2016

Following an often coarse, bitter campaign season of 2016 we need to be in church as we regroup and look forward. It is one of the blessings of being an American that we live in a land of optimists, or people of hope. Let no one who feels a sense of loss lapse into despair at the results. We strive to fulfill our pledge of allegiance in which there is liberty and justice for all. This goal is particularly true for Muslims, new immigrants, and others who were particularly threatened by the campaign rhetoric. We are citizens of heaven and earth. As we close the book on campaign 2016 let us recommit to the common good, with God’s help.

Veteran’s Day Seminar is tomorrow, Friday the 11th in the parish hall from 10:00 until 3:00, featuring Emily Brewer who has recently returned from a trip to Iraq and Kurdistan. She will be speaking on her observations about this part of the world. There is still room for several newcomers. A modest lunch will be served courtesy of the Mission Committee.

Fruits of the Harvest, a cornucopia display of home-grown fruits, vegetables, and flowers will adorn the sanctuary this week and next. Special thanks go to the committee which assembled these delights. The worship bulletin cover also features a harvest display which contains good things that represent the beauty of creation. Use it during your personal devotions in the week to come.

Sunday worship will begin with announcements and recognition of military veterans and those in active service. It will continue with hymns like “We Gather Together”, “This is My Song” (Finlandia) and “Called as Partners in Christ’s Service”. The choir sings a stirring anthem entitled “It is Well with My Soul”. Griffin Neubauer of the confirmation class will read the morning Scripture from Isaiah 65:17-25. The sermon title, developed before it became a CNN special program, is “Where Do We Go from Here?” Lynne Jones of the Board of Deacons will offer the Minute for Mission on this year’s Food Baskets for neighbors in need.

Pledge cards for 2017 have been mailed. Let us prayerfully consider our commitment and return them during the worship service on Sunday the 20th or through the mail. Generous, faithful support makes a difference as we continue to be the best possible church. Thank you in advance for your part.

Interested in becoming a member of WPC? There will be an Inquiry Class this Sunday in the Founder’s Room following worship. One can relate to the congregation in three ways, as an active member, an affiliate member (whose main membership is elsewhere), or as a friend of the church. Come. Find out about our beliefs and practices, and get to know more about our congregation. Those who wish may join Sunday, November 20th during worship.

The Presbyterian Women’s Association is preparing for its Christmas Bazaar and Tea on Saturday December 3rd from 1:00 until 3:30. Order forms for a Christmas Wreath are throughout the church and the PW is on the lookout for Christmas decorations, ribbons, ornaments for their craft projects. Please leave them in the box provided in the church kitchen.

Prayer for the Day: Read the Sunday Scripture- Isaiah 65:17-25, slowly and reverently three times. SYIC!

Weekly Word for Early November, 2016

Weekly Word from Chuck Cary for Early November, 2016

As I write, a team of Harvest Dinner workers are readying the parish hall for (Thursday’s) tonight’s celebration. It is a highlight of our fellowship, with great food and company reminding us of all that we have for which to be thankful. The dinner gets underway at 6:00pm and the entertainment is provided by the bluegrass band, Eastbound Freight. Plan to enjoy and give a word of appreciation to Meryle and John King who have been spearheading this festival for many years. We are also grateful to the board of deacons who have underwritten the cost of the band for our enjoyment.

Sunday welcomes the change in Daylight Savings time. Be sure to set your clocks back one hour Saturday evening so that you will be in the right rhythm for worship the next day at 10:00am. It is a communion service, and is built on a text from Luke 20:27-38 in which Jesus’ opponents try to trap him through a series of trick questions. They represent a blessed rage to quantify everything, thereby missing the meaning and reality of heaven. As Jesus answers they dare ask no further question. The meditation title is, “Children of the Resurrection”. Hymns include, “Come Ye Thankful People Come”, “Come Share the Lord” as our communion hymn, and the concluding song, “My Life Flows On- How Can I Keep from Singing” made famous for me by the late Mahalia Jackson. The choir sings a beautiful version of the 23rd Psalm entitled “My Shepherd Will Supply My Need”. Their introit will usher us into the presence of the Holy and is entitled, “Come Down, O Love Divine”. Bring a friend and make a friend within the Body of Christ here this Sunday.

Following worship in the sanctuary is the Fall congregational/corporation meeting in which the church as institution elects its officers, receives for information its ensuing year’s budget, and acts on other matters necessary for the well being of Christ’s church. So, please remain and exercise your right and responsibility to vote in matters integral to the well-being of your church.

Speaking of voting, don’t forget to vote this coming Tuesday. Democracy does not work when we stay home from the polls. Not voting is a concession to the will of others. I stopped at the Westhampton Care Center this week and was glad to discover that our friends there had already voted!

All should be receiving a stewardship mailing with a 2017 pledge card to return to the church (via snail mail or the morning offering). Faithful giving blesses others and honors God. Questions? Call or contact Scott Campbell or the church office. There are many ways besides writing a periodic check. Consider automatic withdrawals, one time gifts from your IRA if you are over 70 ½, or naming the church in your will and estate plan. WPC has been blessed by a culture of generosity over the years. Please give!

Friday the 11th is Veteran’s Day and the church office will be closed. However, the church itself will be open for the fall seminar on Iraq and Kurdistan from 10:00am until 3:00. Do attend. I especially invite youth and their friends.

“Shakespeare in Hollywood” is the name of the fall play at Westhampton Beach High School; Friday and Saturday nights at 7:30, and Sunday at 2:00. Directed by our own Rosemary Cline. Admission is free.

Prayer for the Day: Psalm 98, read slowly, reverently three times, followed by the Lord’s Prayer. SYIC!

Weekly Word for Sunday, October 30, 2016

Weekly Word from Chuck Cary- Sunday October 30, 2016

Trunk or Treat, Halloween, and other manifestations of the season have their roots in the observance of “All Hallows Eve”, when our ancestors prepared for “All Saints Day”, November 1, by purging themselves of anything which would rob them of life itself.  Candy Corn came much later, often leading us to forget the protests of Martin Luther, one of the more familiar Protestants who nailed 95 Theses to the door of the Wittenberg Cathedral, protesting church abuses. He was a pivotal figure in history, not wishing to create a new church altogether, but returning his church to its right beliefs and practices.

We observe Reformation Sunday, and as such highlight Scripture (Habakkuk chapters 1 and 2) and hymns which derive from this important turning point.  The choir sings John Rutter’s, “Amazing Grace” and the sermon title is, “Living By Faith”. Be sure to check out the Trunk or Treat celebration on the picnic grounds afterwards. The Minute for Mission will be offered by Linni Deihl on the Veteran’s Day seminar held this year on November 11 at WPC.

CROP walkers raised $2,610 for hunger relief while children and others gave $134 dollars in quarters for Heifer International (remember the hunger tube at the front of the sanctuary).  We rejoice and give thanks for these indications of generous Christians here at WPC.

The coming week witnesses a variety of meetings, none more important than Thursday’s Harvest Dinner at 6:00pm. Please sign up in the Parish Hall so that the cooks, organized by John and Meryle King, will have an accurate count.  The same music group who entertained us last year will be on board. Come and enjoy the fellowship of your church!

This year’s congregational/corporation meeting has been called for Sunday, November 6, 2016 following worship in the sanctuary. On the agenda is the reception of the 2017 proposed budget along with election of officers. Action to approve the retirement plans for yours truly is also before us.

The congregation has received word of the death of Edward Dean, friend of many and former proprietor of Dean’s Country Market in WHB. Visitation and Funeral Mass are scheduled for today (Thursday- 2-4, 7-9 at Follett-Werner Funeral Home) and at 10:00 tomorrow at Immaculate Conception Parish here on Quiogue.

Next Saturday, November 5 at 9:30 am, the Memorial and Endowment committee meets at the church for its quarterly meeting. A good way to review the activity of this group is to review prior year’s annual reports. In 2016 the church has been named in two bequests, the proceeds of which will strengthen our ministries. Again, the specifics of these gifts will be included in the 2016 annual report.

Copies of last week’s (October 23) sermon will be available on the church website soon and as hard copies in the rear of the sanctuary.

Prayer for the Day: Our God, our help in ages past, our hope for years to come, hear our prayers as we turn to you. Silence in us any voice but your own. Stir in us the claims and promises of our baptisms. Abide with us as we serve you by loving one another and ourselves. In a divisive election year, grant us your peace, for Christ’s sake and our own. Amen.     See you in church!

Weekly Word for Sunday, October 23, 2016

Weekly Word from Chuck Cary for October 23, 2016

Asked by the editor of a Christian magazine what book they would recommend as required reading for elected officials, three out of seven scholars suggested Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption by Bryan Stephenson. It chronicles the saga of those wrongly convicted in our criminal justice system, how it happens and the lifetime consequences. The book raises questions of Christian ethics, or lack thereof. Sunday’s worship raises the questions as well, lifting up the matter of Christian ethics during an election season where revelations of ethical lapses no longer surprise and scandals no longer sadden. What does the church have to say? What should the church say in light of what we believe?

Hymns include the rousing “Gather Us In”, the thoughtful “Be Still My Soul” and the Shaker hymn “Lord of the Dance” as the response to the assurance of pardon. The Scripture is found in Luke 18:9-14. The sermon title is, “Reclaiming Christian Ethics”. The choir sings an anthem entitled, “And All the Earth”, and a variation of “Let All Mortal Flesh” as the introit. Ms Kimet Speed Hipp will offer a Minute for Mission on this year’s Stewardship program. Find your place in worship, bring a friend, and make a friend while here. Christ’s church is stronger when its people unite. It is weaker when we are apart.

CROP walkers, turn in your pledge envelopes and complete your collections. I have no doubt that one of the preludes to social unrest is malnutrition or poor nutrition. It stands to reason that one of the conditions necessary for renewal is a nutritious diet. Feeding the hungry is an important part of Christ’s mission here at WPC. Thank you for your generosity in serving friends in need.

The confirmation class this week studies the passion of Jesus, the sacrifice and betrayals, what contributed to His crucifixion and what it means for our redemption. Four young people…Griffin Neubauer, Mario Ortiz, Madison Mosher, and Julia Ketner gather on Sundays at 8:45 along with me and Kathy Tureski, in preparation for confirming the vows of Christian discipleship. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers…better yet, pray for all young people who gather to worship, learn, and grow in the faith here at WPC.

Long time church member Jean Halsey has returned to Westhampton Care Center as she continues to heal from a bad fall. She joins Grace Haddad, Doris Towers, and friend of the church Roberta Knaepke in residence. Chelsey Carter Collins and Phyllis Styrzo are at the Southampton Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation. Brief, not long visits, lift their spirits. So does a card or letter of support. The best gifts of all are your prayers of intercession.

Sign- up sheets are posted for Maureen’s Haven, the Harvest Dinner on November 3, and ushering for Sunday worship services. While you are in the coffee hour speaking with someone new, be sure let us know you are taking part.

Prayer for the Day: A typical prayer before meals: God of Grace, sustain our bodies with this food, our hearts with true friendship, and our souls with your truth. Save us from cynicism during this election season. Invigorate our hearts with Hope. Inspire an outbreak of peace and justice for all peoples. Amen.

See You in Worship!

Weekly Word for October 16, 2016 and Thereafter

Weekly Word from Chuck Cary for October 16, 2016 and Thereafter

The run up to November 8 continues a frenzied election campaign. So many distractions take us away from issues which matter, turning our focus to the tawdry. May we recover the higher ground which brings out the best in our country and its people. I pray for a renewal of vision and leadership which transcends personal attack and inspires commitment to, “freedom and justice for all”. We have a ways to go.

Sunday worship is rooted in II Timothy 3:14-4:5, part of Paul’s final discourse. It is a letter which encourages its listeners to be centered in the Scriptures (in this case the Old Testament) and not wilt in the face of indifference or tedium. The sermon title is, “The Sacred Voice of Scripture” and hymns such as, “Open My Eyes That I May See” and “Break Thou the Bread of Life”, reinforce this theme. The choir sings a John Rutter anthem entitled, “I Will Sing With the Spirit”. Their introit is entitled “The Lone Wild Bird”, a reference to the Holy Spirit who soars and sings. Maik Jornitz will offer the Minute for Mission on the 2017 Stewardship Campaign. Come, bring a friend and make a new friend while you are here.

CROP Walk 2016 will take part immediately following worship and the coffee hour. Wear your walking shoes and plan to get some exercise as you witness against enemy hunger. Pledge to support a walker if you are not walking yourself. Three routes are available and await our pilgrimage. Questions? See Stu Wood.

Signup sheets are posted in the Parish Hall for Maureen’s Haven ministries with homeless brothers and sisters. WPC can be proud of its commitment to providing sanctuary to friends who need a warm place to lay their heads and a warm meal to sustain their lives. Maria Moore and Dwayne Wagner highlighted the history of our church’s involvement in this act of kindness in their Minute for Mission 10/09.

Trunk or Treat, October 30! This second annual celebration marks WPC’s observance of All Hallows Eve -the prelude to All Saints Day on November 1. Check with Andrea Chattaway and decorate your car or truck in anticipation of visits by the children and youth of the congregation.

There is also a signup sheet for the Harvest Dinner on Thursday, November 3 at 6:00pm. This annual event is a festive celebration of the season, providing an early taste (literally and figuratively) of the Thanksgiving holiday. John and Meryle King continue to lead, and it is worth nothing that the Board of Deacons will deliver fresh dinners to those in the congregation who are homebound around 5:00pm. Reservations are a must.

In the spirit of rejoicing with those who rejoice, we celebrate a special birthday for Dottie Evans this Sunday. Make sure you congratulate her during the coffee hour.

Fall Congregational Meeting – Sunday, November 6 following worship in the sanctuary. This gathering enables us to elect officers and receive the proposed church budget for 2017.

Prayer for the Day: Creator of the universe, You give us food to nourish and give life. Feed those who still languish from the effects of Hurricane Matthew. Visit Haiti with Your saving power. Save Aleppo from the scourge of violent neglect. Reduce the savage realities of gun violence in our land. Help us to rededicate ourselves to the cause of Your peace. For Christ’s sake and our own. Amen. SYIC!

Weekly Word for Columbus Day Weekend, October 9, 2016

Columbus Day Weekend 2016- Weekly Word from Chuck Cary

The Sacrament of Baptism for Charlotte Winters Gillin and Henry Oliver Neubauer will highlight Sunday’s worship. As always, the children of the church will be invited to lead the rest of us in issuing the Lord’s welcome of both. The text for the day comes from Jeremiah, the prophet of exile and restoration, specifically 29:1, 4-7. The sermon draws us toward the welfare of the city. I am amazed at Jeremiah’s capacity to inspire hope amidst desolation. Find your place in worship. Bring a friend. Make a new friend while here.

Sunday hymns include, “Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee” and “Arise Your Light is Come”. The choir sings a version of, “Make Me a Channel of Thy Peace” and “Christ the Way of Life Possess Me” as the introit. Maria Moore and Dwayne Wagner offer the Minute for Mission about this year’s Maureen Haven’s program, the signup sheets of which are posted in the parish hall.

The week ahead includes the regular meeting of session, Tuesday at 6:30 and the luncheon of Presbyterian Women, Wednesday at Noon. It isn’t too early to plan your CROP walk participation on Sunday, October 16th. Help feed the hungry by walking or pledge to support a walker.

Sunshine Academy Preschool began its school year on Wednesday here at WPC. Licensing is finally in place and all is a “go”. Pray for the students, their parents and teachers. Few things are more important than the nurture of children. Our congregation is blessed to be able to share in this ministry.

Special thanks to all who had a hand in the World Communion Brunch last weekend. Seventy-two individuals heard Randy Wood, son of Marilyn and Stu, describe his work in Africa, engineering projects such as extending electricity into underserved areas. One of my takeaways was his comment on the lasting effects of the slave trade on this continent. Mistrust and suspicion become part of one’s psyche. We also dedicated the Peacemaking Offering, 25% of which goes to Oxfam America, a respected aid organization known for making a difference.

The Live Your Cor Foundation holds a fundraiser from 4:00 until 7:00 at the Westhampton Country Club this Saturday. Holly and Ralph Hubbard established this charity in memory of their son Cory who died in January of 2014. Funds raised go to scholarship assistance and other initiatives in support of young people. Tickets may be purchased at the door.

Our Christian sympathy goes to Mark and Lynne Jones and family upon the death of Mark’s father, Byron Jones. A graveside service happens this Friday the 7th at 1:00 pm at the Westhampton cemetery. Other pastoral concerns include Jane Post, who has moved to North Carolina to live with her daughter Charlotte, Her address is 135 Cumberland Green Drive, Cary, NC 27513. A late addition to our prayer concerns is Mrs. Jean Halsey, a patient at Stony Brook University Hospital following a bad fall. Romans 8, declares that nothing can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus. May this conviction abide with all of us. Our joys include the birth of Dante Aiello to Jessica and David.

Prayer for the Day: Ask for God’s intercessions on behalf of the people affected by hurricane Matthew; those suffering from the effects of gun violence in the U.S.: and the renewal of the Churches. SYIC!

Weekly Word for World Communion Sunday 10-2-16

World Communion Celebration- 2016 at Westhampton Presbyterian

The day of the Lord finds us at His table, breaking bread, sharing the cup, and proclaiming his death and resurrection until He comes again. World Communion is a joy in that it is the one day of the year when all celebrate the Lord’s Supper. Come and bring a friend to worship this Sunday at 10:00. Expect the presence of the Holy as you partake of the elements. Expect to be inspired by the music, Scriptures and Word proclaimed. The lesson is taken from II Timothy 1:1-14 and the meditation is entitled, “Keeping the Faith”. The choir will sing a lovely anthem, “Come Share the Lord”. Hymns include: “In Christ There is No East or West” and “O Lord, You Are My God and King” (Jerusalem Tune).

Children’s Church will happen with Kathy Tureski at the top of the hour, in the Christian Education Wing. Parents, please note that children through sixth grade are welcome and there will not be a Word for Children this week. Middle and High School youth are encouraged to remain in worship for the entire hour. Again, no Sunday School. Children’s Church from 10:00 until 11:00 with Kathy.

World Communion Brunch happens immediately following worship with Mr. Randy Wood, son of Stuart and Marilyn, speaking from his experience as an international worker in African nations. Do plan to stay. The soup is homemade and sandwiches fresh. The desserts are the best, the fellowship without equal!

The 2016 Peacemaking Offering will be dedicated as part of the general offering. Please give generously. The Peacemaking ministries of the Presbyterian Church seek, among other things, to reduce domestic violence, gun violence, and human trafficking, as well as the exploitation of children and youth. Your gift makes a difference. 25% will be retained for support of Peacemaking ministries on Long Island.

The church has received word of the death of the Reverend Edwin Bockstiegel on August 18th in Cincinnati. He and his late wife Joan were residents of Hampton Bays and were very active here at WPC in the 1990’s and early part of the new century. We have also been notified of the death of Ethel Mae Glover, mother of David who worships here at WPC. Visitation for her will be at Sinnickson’s Funeral Home in Center Moriches from 4:00 until 8:00 Friday, September 30th with a Mass at St John’s Roman Catholic Church, Saturday, September 1st at 10:00. “Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord, says the Spirit. Their works do follow them.”

The October newsletter has been mailed, both electronically and as a hard copy to those who have requested it. It is also posted on the church’s website and extra hard copies are located in the Parish Hall and rear of the Sanctuary. Please notify Erika in the church office if you need assistance in gaining access in any way. 631-288-2576 or admin@westhamptonpresbyterian.org

Upcoming Dates to Remember: 10/04- Deacons (7:00); 10/05 Mission Committee (9:15), Church Staff (10:30), and Nominations Committee (7:00); 10/08- Budget Meeting (9:30); 10/12- Presbyterian Women’s Luncheon (Noon).

Prayer for the Day: In you there is no east or west, and no south or north. The farthest space of the farthest galaxy is known to you O God, and you will not relax in your saving love for us. Bless us as we gather at your table. Bless your church throughout the world with your peace. In Christ. Amen.   -SYIC!