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Weekly Word for the first Sunday in Autumn, Sept. 25, 2016

Weekly Word from Chuck Cary for the first Sunday in Autumn (9/25/16)

Many churches, in an attempt to attract more folks to worship, will give in to what I call the “wow” factor. They resort to things fantastical in an endeavor to gain followers. This Sunday’s text, Luke 16:19-31, the story of the rich man and Lazarus, raises questions about the wow factor. It ends with the Patriarch Abraham declaring that if we don’t listen to Moses and the prophets, it is unlikely that we will be persuaded should we hear from those who have died (Wow!). The title of the sermon is “The Path to Repentance”. The service will celebrate a baptism, and the hymns will lift up the baptismal theme. The choir continues to glorify God and will sing an anthem by Sibelius entitled: “Be Still My Soul”. Find your place in worship and bring a friend.

While you are planning for worship, make it your practice to speak with someone new at every coffee hour. Last week, I noticed a couple standing alone. They were not desperate in any way, but could have used some mutual recognition.  We always gravitate toward those we already know. Fight this tendency by reaching out to newcomers. WPC will be a stronger congregation as a result.

Special thanks go to all who have supported the Presbyterian Women’s Rummage Sale and the Scrap Metal Drive. Reminder, if you are reading this email on Thursday/Friday, the Scrap Metal Drive is ongoing through Saturday. The Rummage Sale happens Friday, 9:00- 3:00 and Saturday 9:00 until 12:30. Volunteers are needed throughout, especially in the cleanup Saturday afternoon.

Confirmation Class is set to begin this Sunday at 8:45 in the Failing Wing classroom. Taught by yours truly, Kathy Tureski, and others, it will take place each week until Sunday, December 4th which will serve as the 2nd Sunday of Advent and Confirmation Sunday. It is open to any 7th-8th graders as well as others who may have missed earlier classes.

Stu Wood will offer a Minute for Mission this week about next month’s CROP Walk (October 16th) and don’t forget the activities surrounding World Communion (next week, October 2). This time of year presents us with ample opportunities to serve neighbors in need. Keep an open heart and mind to the messages of our mission committee as they do an excellent job keeping us poised to help one another in Christ’s name.

The Board of Trustees happily reviewed the successful results of the Summer Appeal (33K) as they call attention to the new roof and skylight on the Failing and CE Wings, the 3K set aside for Playground renovation, and the outside painting and repair. The only project left to achieve is the inside painting of the sanctuary which will be done at a later date. New landscaping work is also underway thanks to the generous support of the Garden endowment over the years.

Because of licensing delays by the State of New York, the Sunshine Academy has had to delay its beginning on the second floor of the CE wing. Watch for announcements about the reopening of this childcare ministry here in our church.

Prayer of the Day: Visit the Mission Yearbook for Prayer and Study- PCUSA.org and pray for the agency listed for today. Search the Scripture referenced as well.  Lift up the names of missionaries. SYIC!

Weekly Word for September 18, 2016

Weekly Word from Chuck Cary

September 18, 2016

Cooler mornings and earlier sunsets mark this time of year. A sweater feels good in the am and pm, and most folks who have lived on the island will declare that the best ocean swimming is now, with water temperatures mild and the surf pleasant. A morning walk on the beach is a good practice whereby to clear the mind, exercise the heart, and say your prayers. Lift up your church as you walk and in particular people in need and a hurting world in general. The late General Assembly Moderator Dr. Clinton Marsh implored the Presbyterian Church to become a “praying church”. May it be so here amongst the people of 90 Meeting House Road.

Sunday worship is built around a challenging text, Luke 16:1-13, the story of an opportunist who seizes the chance to make amends, having been fired from his job for gross mismanagement. The periscope ends with the admonition, “You Can’t Serve God and Mammon”. The sermon title is “In Praise of Honesty”. The hymns include “How Great Thou Art”, and “Take My Life and Let It Be”. The choir sings a beautiful anthem entitled, “Draw Us In the Spirit’s Tether”. Church School Teachers will be commissioned, third graders will receive Bibles, and after the coffee hour all hands should be on deck to set up for next week’s rummage sale.

A confirmation class will take place this fall for 7th-8th graders. It will happen on Sundays from 8:45-9:45 in the Failing Wing Class room. Interested? See or email Kathy Tureski, youth ministry coordinator.  Teachers?  Kathy, yours truly, and others such as Kyle Miller. The first meeting is set for September 25. The rite of confirmation will happen Sunday, December 4 during morning worship.

Calling all ushers….please sign up on the entrance way bulletin board and help make Sunday worship welcoming and inspiring for all. Also, a new provision in the Directory for Worship enables the church board to expand the pool of communion servers. To that end we are hosting a training session on Saturday, October 1 from 9:00 until 10:00 in which we will go over the order and responsibilities. Please come!

Besides the Rummage Sale, the Fall Scrap Metal Drive happens Friday and Saturday the 23rd-24th. Old cars are welcome as a donation, and if you need a hand transporting your items please notify Tom Rogers. All proceeds go to the operating budget of the church, and you are preserving the environment as you recycle.

Congratulations go to Paul Sulzinski and Sarah Kearns upon their wedding this Friday at 4:00 pm at the Quogue Chapel.

For additional information about the Presbyterian Church U.S.A. please visit PCUSA.org.

Prayer for the Day; O Lord our creator, by your Holy prophet you teach us to seek the welfare of the cities in which we live. We commend our neighborhood to your care, that we would be free from strife and decay. Give us strength of purpose and concern for others, that we will forever create a community of peace and justice, where your will may be done here as it is in heaven. Restore humility and truthfulness in all our practices, especially our discourse in this election year. In Christ. Amen. SYIC!

Weekly Word for Homecoming Sunday, September 11, 2016

Weekly Word from Chuck Cary for Homecoming Sunday- 2016

Homecoming Sunday converges with the fifteenth anniversary of the 9-11 attacks in which nearly 3,000 persons lost their lives at the Twin Towers, at the Pentagon, and on a commandeered airplane which crashed in Pennsylvania. Most of us remember where we were, what we were doing that day. Many of us knew one or more victims of this terrorism. It is appropriate that we remember. It is even more appropriate that we remember here in worship. The gathered congregation is a source of strength over against the forces which would weaken us. Find your place in the sanctuary and at the coffee hour/ Bagel Breakfast to follow. This is our chance to renew the ties that bind us. We celebrate the Lord’s Supper. The Scripture is Luke 15:1-10 and the meditation title is “Fifteen Years After”.

The choir gathers after its summer hiatus. It has changed directors with Will Roslak having left. Linda Howard-Kloepfer is back in an interim capacity to help us glorify God in music and in song. The anthem this week is a variation on one of our hymns “Come Christians Join to Sing!”. The choral introit is a hymn from John Rutter, “God Be in My Head”. Be sure to add your personal welcome to Linda and thank her for her leadership.

Kathy Tureski will offer the Minute for Mission on the Sunday Church School arrangements. As always, children will be excused following the Children’s Message. Ellen Campbell and her team of teachers will be available for Children’s Church and the celebration of the Lord’s Supper. Lists of the teachers are included in Sunday’s announcements and to parents, encourage your son/daughter to participate.

All youth are encouraged to be in touch with Kathy regarding youth programs for the fall. Linger at the Youth bulletin board in the parish hall to take note of photos of the summer REACH trip and announcements of future events.

Platinum birthdays in September include Jim Bachman (6th), Doris Towers at the Westhampton Care Center (13th), and Creighton Berry (15th). Rejoice!

It is not too early to plan for the Presbyterian Women’s Rummage Sale Friday-Saturday, September 23-24 here at the church and the Scrap Metal Drive on the 24th also. Proceeds support the operating budget of the church and in the case of the sale, help neighbors in need. Setup happens next Sunday, September 18 following the service.

The board of deacons seeks ushers for Sunday worship. Offering hospitality and overseeing the flow of our services are Christ like practices. Please sign up alongside the date on the entranceway bulletin board.

An informal interment service for Jean Tuthill and daughter Chris (Carolyn) happens this Saturday at 11:00 in the Memorial Garden. Jean and family were active members of WPC for many years, serving on the Board of Deacons and taking part in the Readers and Researchers study group in the Geer Library when it was active. They also supported the church’s adoption of an immigrant family in the 1970’s along with David and Judy LeBleu and Cerfa Bailey.

Prayer for the Day – The Lord’s Prayer morning, noon, and night.  See you in church!

Weekly Word for Labor Day Weekend – 2016

A Weekly Word from Chuck Cary for Labor Day Weekend- 2016

It’s one of the goalposts of summer, a holiday which blesses the American worker with an extra Sabbath. May it be safe for you and yours, and try not to respond to non emergency, work-related emails or texts this Monday. Some matters can wait, just as some advertisements can be deleted altogether. I cringe when I hear of friends and colleagues who connect with work and correspond while on vacation. I cringed in Milwaukee last week when the excitement of a close baseball game did not distract many fans from their hand held devices. By the way, son Abraham threw out the first pitch which made his family proud. The Pirates of Pittsburgh prevailed 3-2, but as they say, a good time was had by all.

Sunday worship concludes the summer schedule. The text for the day is Paul’s Letter to Philemon, only one chapter long, one of the shortest books of Scripture. Find it and read aloud beforehand. You will be pleasantly surprised by the insights gleaned. Hymns include “Blessed Assurance”, “The Old Rugged Cross”, and “O Love That Wilt Not Let Me Go”. Yours truly preaches on the theme: “Planning a Family Reunion”.  Remember, next week we return to one service in the sanctuary at 10:00, with choir and church school as part of the morning.

The Summer Appeal has reached $32,400 which has already blessed us with a restored roof on the Christian Education and Failing wings. Other painting and capital improvements are in store, in particular an improved play area. Those who have yet to donate may still do so. Special thanks to all who have contributed. Our gratitude also goes to Allison Worthington and Geoffrey Strong for their leadership of this year’s Appeal Committee. Rejoice in the generosity of God’s people!

The Sunday School team has met to plan the educational ministries for the 2016-17 program year. Two veteran teachers, Eloise Carter and Nancy Miller, have elected to take a well-deserved break after many years of service. Our hats go off to them. The lineup for the fall is as follows: The Infant/Toddler Nursery: Suzanne Byrne and Michelle Bedoya; Pre K- First Grade: Andrea Chattaway and Amee Mazurkiewicz; Second – Fourth Grade: Gini Wagner and Cindy Schneider; Fifth – Seventh Grade: Kathy Frevert and Ellen Campbell; Eighth Grade – Senior Highs: John Campbell and Andrew Schultze. Youth Group Activities: Kathy Tureski. Go to them with questions and support the Sunday Church School with your prayers. They will continue to make use of the “Spark” Curriculum and often tie their lesson with the lectionary readings used in the morning worship service.

In September, all church boards are back in full swing. The Deacons meet Tuesday, September 6, at 7:00. They will gather with the thanks of the congregation for overseeing three receptions over the course of the summer. The Session meets on the 13th at 6:30 with a number of initiatives on their plate including the preparation of the 2017 Budget and Nominations of church officers. The Trustees meet on the 20th at 7:00.

Prayer for the Day: For everything there is a season and a time for every matter under your Heaven, Great God. There is a time to dance and a time to keep still; There is a time to laugh out loud and a time to support the grief-stricken with silent sympathy; There is a time for hearts tuned to worship and hands dedicated to the hard work of Love; There is a time for learning and a time for play. Come live in us as we seek to live in You! Come bless your people, in particular the children and youth of the world. Amen.

Weekly Word for August 21, 2016

A Weekly Word from Chuck Cary for August 21, 2016

Back to school advertisements flood communications as summer turns. Many schools in the south have already started. The Whetsell grandchildren returned to Nashville to begin August 3rd. Of course, their school year concludes prior to Memorial Day. College students are counting the days. In the rush to get to the next commitment, we often overlook the opportunities that summer on the East End presents, such as the chance to capture the remains of the day and beautiful way the light falls in the late afternoon. The ancients revered the Sabbath as essential for the renewal of creation. This week’s worship takes up the admonition for Sabbath keeping. Read Isaiah 58 in preparation for the service.

We get by with faith in God and faith in each other. Such was my take-away from the funeral service and interment for Michael Miller last Tuesday. The pain of loss has been acute for the entire Miller family. What helps is the way in which our church and the greater community have reached out. A word to those who still may be wondering what they need: as time passes continue to support them by mentioning Michael by name. Tell Harry, Nancy, Kyle (Stefanie) and Kristin (Jeff) that you love them in Christ. Make space to listen and simply be their friend.

This year’s summer appeal stands at $26,000 on the way toward our goal of $30,000. Thanks be to God! If you have yet to give, please do so and help the church meet its capital needs without burdening our operating budget. Special gratitude goes to Allison Worthington and Geoffrey Strong, co-chairs of the appeal committee. Allison hosts a party at her home this Friday the 19th from 5:00 pm until 7:00 pm at 40 Deer Path Road in Quogue for all donors and would- be donors. A re-shingled roof, new paint job, and revitalized playground promise to make WPC the best possible church facility and ready for the next generations.

Sunday, September 4th marks the end of the summer worship schedule. Wistfully for many, we conclude chapel worship and prepare to return to one service at 10:00 am in the sanctuary on September 11. That day is homecoming Sunday with the choir returning and church school along with a Bagel Breakfast served during the coffee hour. This is a wonderful opportunity to invite a friend.

Youth Group, check out the youth bulletin board in the Parish Hall for photos of the REACH trip and announcements of future activities. Speak with Kathy Tureski about plans for the fall. The same goes for Sunday church school and children’s activities. See Ellen Campbell, Cindy Schneider, or Dawn Christ. There will be a meeting of Christian Education folks (teachers/ committee members) at 7:00pm on Tuesday, August 30th in preparation.

Prayer for the Day: Our farm stands are bursting with fruits and vegetables, O Lord, as an ongoing sign of your goodness. Fresh fish caught in regional waters make for a delicious summer meal. Never let us overlook the gifts we have received. Never let us forget the poor among us who have no access to such a bounty. Make our gratitude contagious, and our witness sincere. Save us from prayers hastily said or omitted altogether. Help us orient our lives to your praise and service. Remind us to count our blessings and thank you always. Through Jesus Christ we pray. Amen.

See you in church!

Weekly Word for July 31, 2016

A Weekly Word from Chuck Cary for July 31, 2016

This Sunday we bid farewell to Nancy Hamma who enters retirement after her years of service here and the Presbyterian Church in Sag Harbor before. The coffee hour reception following the 10:15 worship service will be in her honor. Thanks go to the board of deacons for hosting this event. Nancy will continue to live in East Quogue and care for her gardens and lovely home. She enters this new phase of life with the congregation’s gratitude and best wishes.

Sunday worship will conclude the sermon series on the Lord’s Prayer with a reflection on the remaining petitions such as, “Give Us this Day Our Daily Bread” and “Forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors”. Hymns include, “Crown Him with Many Crowns” and “O God of Every Nation”. The text for the morning is Matthew 6:9-15, read from The Message, a translation by the Rev. Eugene Peterson, a Presbyterian Pastor and Bible interpreter. Dolores Kordon, of Brighter Tomorrows, will join us to give the Minute for Mission.

The rose on the Communion Table announces the birth of Clarke Robert Doyle, born to Cory and Carolyn Doyle. Grandparents include Betsy Doyle of our congregation.

Letters and return envelopes for the Summer Appeal are being mailed and will explain the need for our support at this time, the completion of the reroofing of the Failing and Christian Education wings and refurbishment of the church playground. Please give generously. The goal is 30 K. Questions? See Allison Worthington or Geoffrey Strong, co-chairs.

2016 will be remembered as a year of great change for WPC staff. Will Roslak leaves us for a similar position at the Roman Catholic Church in Sound Beach. Nancy Hamma retires and is replaced by Erika Lukert. John Peters transitioned from the sexton position to East End Hospice and George Amorose replaced him. Get to know your staff members. A replacement for Will is to be announced after the session meeting of August 9th.

The church leadership boards will meet in August. The deacons will gather Tuesday the 2nd at 7:00, the session on the 9th at 6:30, and the trustees on the 16th at 7:00. Officers should plan to attend.

The Sunshine Academy is seeking 3-4 year olds for its program this fall, which will take place on the second floor of the Christian Education Wing. Call Theresa Caponi at 631-398-2286 to inquire.

A note of concern: The Ku Klux Klan has been distributing recruiting leaflets in our area, causing anxiety and worry among many. The Church, in particular the Presbyterian Church USA has condemned hate groups and will do so again anywhere such groups emerge. If you witness such a development in your area please let the church office know so that we can be of support in standing against it.

Prayer for the Day: Grant O God, that your Holy and Life-giving Spirit may so move every human heart, that the barriers which divide us may crumble, suspicions disappear, and hatreds cease, and that with our divisions healed, we might live in justice and peace; through your son Jesus, our Lord. Amen.

See you in church!

Weekly Word for July 24, 2016

A Weekly Word from Chuck Cary for July 24, 2016

We welcome you as we would welcome Christ Himself! Such are the words which introduce our announcements each Sunday. I trust the summer of 2016 is going well for you and yours as you find time to visit the beaches, the farm stands and take in the beauty of this part of the world. Extend the Lord’s hospitality to others, in particular the strangers in your midst, turning them into friends.

The Lord’s Prayer as foundation for the mission and purpose of Christ’s Church, part III, continues as the sermon series for July. This week we compare the references in both Matthew and Luke, with emphasis on the petition, “Thy Kingdom Come, They Will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven”. Hymns include, “Blessed Assurance” and “I Love to Tell the Story”. Carolyn Gumbs, who has been working for the Long Island Council of Churches for 37 years will be with us for the Minute for Mission at the 10:15 service. Weekly worship nourishes the heart, mind, and soul. Find your place at either the Chapel at 9:00 or the sanctuary at 10:15.

We welcome the new administrative assistant, Erika R. Lukert of Remsenburg, who will begin her summer hours next Monday, 8:30 through 12:30 each weekday June through August. She will work full time September through May. Erika is married with two children, and was the Principal’s Secretary for the Bridgehampton School District prior to starting her family. Add your greeting to Erika as she becomes acquainted with her work for WPC.

I regret to inform you that our Director of Music, Organist and Choir Director Will Roslak is resigning in order to assume a similar position at the Roman Catholic Church in Sound Beach. Will’s two years here have been inspiring and we wish him Godspeed in his new responsibilities. His last Sunday will be August 28. A decision on his successor will be announced soon.

A farewell reception for Nancy Hamma, administrative assistant who retires July 31, will happen Sunday the 31st following the 10:15 service in the Parish Hall. Plan now to attend and offer your thanks and best wishes.

The church shares sorrow with Diane and Cynthia Perry and Phyllis Perry Styrzo on the death of nephew and son-in-law Robert Lawson, married to Inda Styrzo.

The Summer Appeal is happening with the goal of raising enough (25K) to finish roofing the administrative and Christian Education wings here at the sanctuary as well as revitalize the church playground. Plan to give generously. Allison Worthington and Geoffrey Strong are co chairs of this effort.

Prayer for the Day: God of Grace, in every transition you show forth your hand, leading us from old to new, assuring us that we are not alone. Save us from discouragement or nostalgia for a past that cannot be repeated. Save us for a future filled with hope and the Good News of your Gospel. Thank you for the staff persons who help us carry out the ministry of Jesus Christ in this place. Thank you for Nancy and Will as they move on to new times of growth. Thank you for Erika as she comes aboard to help us continue your Son’s mission. We pray all things in the name of Him who came not to be served, but to serve, Jesus the Christ. Amen.   See You in Church!!

Weekly Word for July 17

A Weekly Word from Chuck Cary for July 17, 2016 and Beyond

The memorial services in Dallas, St Paul, and Baton Rouge continue as I write and the wounds of violence continue to expose our nation’s unfinished business in the conversation about race, relationships between the police and constituent communities, and the need for reconciliation in our beloved country. I have not read the platforms of either political party, but when I do I will be looking for commitments to unity amidst our many polarizations.

The Quogue Chapel and Main Sanctuary will welcome us at 9:00 and 10:15 respectively for worship and the continuation of the sermon series on “The Lord’s Prayer and the Purpose of the Church”. Take a moment to review Matthew 6:9-15 in the King James Version. Note the differences and nuances. One of the questions to consider is what would a church which prays the Lord’s Prayer and shapes its life accordingly look like in our day?

Allison Worthington will offer a Minute for Mission on the Summer Appeal. Four Young Adult Volunteers in the Presbyterian Church will be with us as they are staying at WPC for their weekend retreat. They will be assisting in both the Chapel and Sanctuary. Hymns include “Morning Has Broken” and “God of Grace and God of Glory”. The Rose on the communion table welcomes Ashley Jade Harvey, born to Erin Johnson Harvey and Chris Harvey. Grandparents include Bob and Kathy Johnson of our congregation.

Betty Failing will be celebrating a Platinum birthday Wednesday the 20th. The church wing which houses the offices and Founder’s/ Choir rooms was donated by Betty and her family in 1994-95 and is named in memory of the late Bruce Failing, her husband. Bruce was also the chair of the Pastor Search Committee of 1984-85.

Flower vacancies remain for dedication at the Chapel on August 7 and 21: and in the sanctuary on July 31, August 21, and September 4. Please email Nancy in the church office at admin@westhamptonpresbyterian.org if you wish to dedicate flowers. The cost is $30 for the sanctuary and  $20 for the chapel.

While the church boards are not meeting during July, they still have responsibilities for supporting those in need and overseeing the staff transitions and supervising repairs. An announcement will be made soon as to the new Administrative Assistant. George Amorose is already at work as the new sexton 20 hours per week (8:30-12:30 Monday through Friday). Give thanks for other actions over the summer.

The Parish Hall bulletin board for Youth activities is filled with photos of the recent REACH trip. Stop by to celebrate what the group did, and what God was doing in their lives at the same time. Congratulations go out to Kathy Tureski, Gini Wagner, Derek Jenkins, Cole Hempel, Grant Frevert and Griffin Wagner. Their enthusiasm for what the Lord requires is contagious.

Prayer for the Day: God of Grace and God of Glory, on your people pour your power. Silence in us those distractions which keep us from regular, daily prayer. Help us to doubt our doubts as we seek a closer relationship with you and your will for us. Open us to your leading. Open our hearts to your love for ourselves, one another, and the world. You make all things possible. We are grateful. Amen.

Weekly Word for July 10, 2016

A Weekly Word from Chuck Cary for July 10, 2016

While heading toward Sunday’s worship don’t forget to support Saturday’s Presbyterian Women’s Treasure Sale here at the church from 10:00 until 2:00. Baked goods and wonderful gift items await. The other blessing is the happy fellowship which pervades the building and grounds. Do come and bring a friend.

Sunday worship begins a sermon series on “The Lord’s Prayer and the Purpose of the Church”.  Margery Qua will offer a Minute for Mission on the Bread for the World Offering of Letters campaign, an effort to raise the issue of hunger near and far. Hymns include “The Church’s One Foundation”, and remember, both the Quogue Chapel and the sanctuary are air conditioned for your comfort and safety. Stay hydrated nevertheless. Drink plenty of water each and every day.

The REACH trip participants have returned and have many stories to tell of their work and witness (and fun) in central Pennsylvania. Congratulations to each as they made the world a better place in the name of Jesus Christ. Take a moment to look at the youth bulletin board in the parish hall to see a display of REACH 2016. Congratulations to Kathy, Gini, Derek, Cole, Grant, and Griffin. You are stars in my book!

Congratulations go to Laura Cilento and Chris Meyer who are being married Sunday at 2:00 in our sanctuary. Laura is the foreign language teacher at the Quogue School . They have been worshipping at WPC for a while and we rejoice with them on this happy occasion.

Members of the personnel committee are hard at work interviewing finalists for the administrative assistant position which opens August 1. Once a person is selected his/her name will be announced in this column and in other places. Take time to welcome new staff among us such as George Amorose who is the new sexton. His hours are Monday through Friday, 8:30 to 12:30.

Current administrative assistant Nancy Hamma is retiring as of July 31. Nancy will be recognized in worship July 31 and at a reception afterwards in the parish hall.

The second floor nursery school has been redecorated with a new coat of paint and new linoleum floor in anticipation of reopening in September. We hope to welcome director Theresa Caponi to a Sunday service in August for a Minute for Mission about her vision and plans.

Prayer for the Day: We give you our thanks and praise O God, for all the gifts of love we have received from you, and for your persistent mercy in Jesus Christ. We thank you for: achievements which please you and make the world a better place; the faithful witness of Christians who fight against racial violence with love and justice; those who teach children and keep them secure in love; all works of compassion which reveal your presence in the world; missionaries who labor for the healing of creation; and all persons called to ministries of grace and peace. Continue to bless the Presbyterian churches of Long Island with purpose, that we might follow your will for us. Bless those listed in our weekly prayer concerns and let them know our steadfast love and support. For Christ’s sake and our own, we pray. Amen.

See you in church!!

Weekly Word for July 3, 2016

A Weekly Word from Chuck Cary for Independence Day Weekend- 2016

A word of welcome goes out to George Amorose of Westhampton, our new sexton. George will be working Monday through Friday, 8:30 until 12:30. Please introduce yourself if you are in the building during these hours, and add your own greeting.

Sunday  July 3rd will find us worshipping God with an Independence Day theme. The hymns are ones we learned in elementary school , “O Beautiful for Spacious Skies” and “My Country Tis of Thee”. The response to the Confession is a hymn of praise also known as an African American national anthem, “Lift Every Voice and Sing”. The Scripture is a lesser known text from II Kings 5:1-14 (the improbable cure of King Naaman’s leprosy). My sermon is entitled: “Citizenship Reconsidered”, and responds to several questions raised by the issue of “Brexit”. Can any of us afford to live as if we are unaffected by what happens elsewhere? What does our Faith require?

The Summer Treasure Sale is before us on Saturday July 9th from 10:00 until 2:00 pm in the Parish Hall. Help is needed in the set up and cleanup. Remember. Bring a friend. Proceeds help to support the operating budget of the church as well as Presbyterian Women mission projects.

The church boards are not meeting in July but will resume in August on their regular evening. If you or someone you know has a need, please notify us here at the church office…631-288-2576 or the manse at 631-288-1824.

The flower calendar has vacancies throughout the summer. It is posted on the Parish Hall entranceway bulletin board. Flowers in worship are a reminder of that wonderful reference from the Sermon on the Mount.  “Consider the lilies, how they neither toil nor spin, but Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed as one of these”. Flowers add beauty and inspiration to our services.

Celebrating a platinum birthday on Sunday is Mrs. Grace Haddad who is now recuperating in the Westhampton Care Center. Grace has always represented her name well, and we are grateful to almighty God for her lifelong support of Christ’s Church here at Westhampton.

REACH trip participants return this Saturday, weary to be sure, but alive to the meaning of discipleship and possessing a number of new friends. Thanks to Karen Derryberry and others who shipped CARE packages and words of support to this group while they made the world a better place in and around Gettysburg, PA. Thanks to Gini Griffin and Kathy Tureski for serving as chaperones. Thanks to Matt Ravenhall for his service in making sure our church bus was road worthy for the occasion.

The choir concert of last week was excellent in every way. Kudos goes to everyone whose voice glorified God and inspired the rest of us.

Prayer for the Day: Remind us, O God, that you have blessed us on our journey as citizens. You have given us homelands which we love and neighbors whom we cherish. We are grateful for this land and both our history as well as our future. Save us from the violence which violates your image in our communities and world. Do not permit our love of freedom to devolve into irresponsibility. Let us be patriots who make the entire world a more just and loving place and people. For Christ’s sake. Amen.